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Color Selection and Color consultation OakvilleDivine Home Interiors now offers professional designs and plans to help you visualize and bring to life your next renovation project. 

Whether you’re planning a new kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, basement, or even closet organizing systems, Divine Home Interiors will provide you with cutting-edge designs with incredibly realistic 3D renderings, as well as valuable specification sheets for your general contractor to follow. 

Lighting consultation and selection Oakville, BurlingtonThink of the time and money you can save by pre-planning your home renovation projects digitally. 

We enter your room dimensions and can show you options for removing walls, widening doors or windows. 

We can add cabinets, fixtures, flooring and appliances – moving them around as needed to get the best design for looks and function. 

Not sure of the color scheme?  We can play with your options to find the best solutions before the construction begins.

House Decorating Oakville Ontario Divine Home Interiors designs will help ensure your projects comply with industry design standards, from start to perfect finish.  

Give us a call to get started on your home and room interior designs with our cutting edge software and decorating experience.


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Interior Design - 3D Imaging

We offer affordable design solutions. Compare our services and save on your interior design plans for:

Kitchen Remodels
Bathroom Renovations
New Builds
Interior Redesign

We can help you with choosing your options and furnishings then provide photos and specs for your contractor. You will be able to view the 3D image as well as the bird's eye image of your room designs.

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